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If she's not at her clinic performing skincare treatments, you can bet that Piya is dabbing into her skincare routine. Her knowledge and humor is highly admired by the skincare community.
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Catch This Fun and Informative Must Read!
This recent blog from Skincarma called..
"What 3 Products Do You Think You Couldn't Live Without If You Could Only Have Those 3?" .. you'll love this!
Skincarma (lightheartedly) ponders about a Coronapocalyse and prepares his emergency drop kit of skin care.
-Are you prepared for a "Skinpocalypse"? 









Please Check-Out-This-Wonderful-Blog written by Carmine Montalto,
also known as Skincarma.
It’s called.. “Brands I Love: The Glow Maker Antioxidants Serums
and Anti-aging Facial Skincare”.
Skincarma spoke about brands discovered in 2019 that stood out and expressed: "..but right at the end, like a horse pulling even in the last lap around the track, was indie brand The Glow Maker".
Don’t miss this fun video of Carmine diving into The Glow Maker’s products.
“Carmine is a NYC copywriter with 25+ years doing what he loves. 
A skincare junkie, a skincare writer, and a skincare guru”.
His website is:
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CBD: The new cool kid on the block

Written by: Darlyn Marroquin


  Cannabidiol also known as CBD is naturally derived from the Cannabis plant, but not to worry CBD won’t get you “high.” It is not psychoactive, meaning that you will not experience the effects of THC: slower perception of time, an increase in appetite and potential laugh attacks. Instead, CBD has been reported to help with anxiety, insomnia, depression, bloating, menstrual cramps and much more. (Yay!)

  With so many benefits, it is no surprise CBD is successfully infiltrating the health and wellness space. Kim Kardashian, Whoopi Goldberg and Gwyneth Paltrow are among the many celebrities who have endorsed CBD and helped its popularity gain traction. In fact, there are many CBD infused products sprouting everywhere, from lip balms to hair shampoo—and yes, lots of skincare too.

  “How do CBD benefits translate to skincare?”, you may ask. CBD delivers once again! Although more research is needed and ongoing, according to varying scientific studies our new best friend, CBD, may help reduce acne, decrease moisture loss, lessen visible signs of aging as well as inflammation and redness. In other words, CBD helps us live our best lives—woohoo!


Pssst! Our very own The Glow Maker CBD infused product coming soon!


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